About Us

Addiction to any substance, whether it be drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and more has a devastating effect not just on the life of the individual but to its family and friends as well. That is why we are dedicated to helping people overcome their substance addiction.

We will provide the latest scientifically proven methods to help patients with substance abuse problems take control of their lives. We also offer programs and services that combine therapy, specialized education, and healthcare that are customized for every individual. On top of treating the individual, we also educate their families and loved ones. This will help them be more aware of what the patient is going through, help them on their road to recovery. By doing these measures, the patient will not only recover faster, but the chances of relapse will also be significantly lower as well.

To carry out our programs and achieve our objective, we have practitioners that are not only highly trained, professional, but caring as well. Our medical specialists and staff have the heart and commitment to helping our patients.

For several years, our clinic has helped hundreds of substance abuse patients remain sober and take control of their lives. Months after completing our program, we still regularly monitor them and provide assistance if needed. People should be in control of their lives, not slaves to any substance. That is our commitment and our mission.