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Nursing Home - Crofters Lodge Hospital
Crofters Lodge Hospital
Relevant to - Somerset, Wraxall
Address: Lodge Lane, Wraxall, Somerset
Postcode: BS48 1BJ

About Us

Crofter’s Lodge Hospital, located just outside of Bristol, is an 18 bed Independent Hospital providing specialist care for older people with mental illnesses located within a brand new complex that also includes a residential and nursing home for older people and a dementia day care centre operated by Surehaven’s parent company Shaw healthcare.

Rosehip and Miller Wards are locked single sex units which provides care, treatment and support for men and women age 44 to end of life who have a primary diagnosis of organic brain disorder some of whom may have also have an underlying long term mental illness and may be liable to be detained under the Mental Health Act.


Nursing Home Details
Category: Dementia (EMI) Care Homes, Mental Health Care Homes, Nursing Care Homes, Private Care Homes, Respite Care Homes
Funding: Private
Owner: Shaw healthcare
Contact Name: Nickola Pritchard
No. of Beds: Please enquire
Vacancies: Please enquire

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